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Welcome to the CastleGreetings support pages. The following are the top questions asked - please check if your question is in this list:

I am trying to view a card
Pop-up blockers
Re-install Flash
When I try to view a card it gets stuck part way through
How do I view a card?
How come I get a blank screen when I view a card?
Why do I need Flash Player?
How do I view the card I just sent?
Where can I see my Card History?

Logging in
What are cookies?
How do I change my email address?
How do I retrieve my password?

Member tools
How do I edit Cards Pending?
What are Card History and Cards Pending?
How do I delete a contact?
Can I import contacts from my computer’s address book?
How do I use My Contacts?
How many email addresses can I use?
How do I change my password or other account details?

Payment and renewals
Will I ever need to transfer my membership?
When will my membership expire?
How do I join?
How do I stop auto-renewing my membership?

Sending e-cards
I entered the correct address, but the card never reached the intended recipient.
How do I resend a card?
If I send to multiple recipients, will they all see the other recipients addresses?
I created my card and clicked on ”Preview” but nothing happened.
I sent a card but the recipient says they cannot view it
Can I send one (1) e-card to multiple email addresses?
Can I resend a card to another email address?
How do I use this site?

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